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B & O Tray Run Viaduct , Circa 1907
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 to our web site and store. Prestige Series Architectural Models offers a unique product line of architectural models. Focus, is on famous, historic and note worthy designs with their origins rooted in the "golden age" of industrial development in North America.

During this period, mid 1800's - mid 1900's, the United States saw significant growth in our manufacturing base and GNP, gross national product. Strides in engineering, mechinization, automation and distribution of durable goods, both domestic and exports, propelled the United States, becoming the premient leader in the Global market place.

Prior to the 1890's railroads had expanded quickly. Their track, signaling systems and bridges, in particular, were not robust. Bridges were built in haste and on tight capital budgets. Iron & wood were the materials of choice. These materials were not resistant to the elements and prone to failure!  

The dramatic industrialization taxed the available resources. This growth translated into more frequent shipments, and in the case of the railways, longer train lengths, heavier loads and wheel loadings!  Both rail & marine transportation was quick in responding with upgardes and improvements in plant, equipment and the right of way. 

Many rail lines connecting the Eastern Seaboard with the Ohio River Valley and points West were reaping the finaicual rewards of this economic growth. They understood sustaniability was key to future success. Wealthy railroad lines, like the Pennsylvania RR, DL & W and Reading RR, and some not so wealthy lines like the B&O RR, invested heavily in upgading their mainline infrastrucutre.

Upgrades included grade reductions, curvature alignments, roadbed upgrades, stronger rail, state of the art signal systems and most important stronger bridges of Steel & stone were constructed. Europe was in a recession at the time and stone masons & artisans were brought to the United States by the railroads embarking on a plan to build a system that woul last a thousand years.         

Our objective is to provide a level of fidelity to commerate these Icons of stone, masonary & steel. We strive to provide products that capture the character of the subject matter, provide a focal point of interest and a level of realism at a price affordable to most modelers.

We offer our Signature Series line of handcrafted models in several gauges, including N, HO, S, O & G Gauge, refer each model for gauges and availability. Our models, both, RTR, ready to run, and occasionally kits, are available replicating architectural designs from the glory days of rail, mid 1800's - mid 1900's, in North America.

We take pride in creating our models and other product offerings. We hope that our models will help commorate the vital role rail transportation has played in building and sustaining our Nation. 

 "Whilst looking to the future. Do not forget the glories of the past".  FOPS 

Trust, you will find something on our site and store that you will like. We provide our customers with quality products and personal service. Feel free to view photos of previous, current and future offerings.

PRR Juniata River Viaduct circa 1898'
Located near Spruce Creek Tunnel in Pennsylvania

  •  "Limited Edition" offerings, 
    • Stone Icons, "Signature Series" Model's are One of a Kind hand-crafted in sequential lots. Signed & numbered by Artist. A, COA, certificate of Authenticity is provided. Models are fully assembled & decorated for display or incorporation into your layout or diorama. Each model is unique due to design and production techniques used. Track and roadbead are not provided.
    • Steel Icons, "Signature Series" Models are one of a kind hand crafted in sequential lots, Signed & numbered by Artist. A C.O.A, certificate of Authernticity is provided. Models are fully assembled & decorated for display or incorporation into your diorama or layout. Each model is unique  ue to design and production techniques used. Track & roadbed are not provided.
    • KIT FORM, unassembled. Offered for the hobbyist who prefers to build your own. Requires complete  assembly & decoration. Not recomended for children below 12 years old. Construction requires parental supervision.


At, PSAM, Our goal is to record, capture and commemorate these unique designs in custom hand-crafted full assembled models as well askit form. We will continue to develop and add new products and designs to our website. PSAM, will reintroduce a number of rail related items, including abutments, piers, retaining walls, coaling docks and structures, I offered many years ago, through the hobby show circuit, as time permits.   

You can order from us using our online product catalog. "Limited Edition"  Product offerings include,

 1)"SIGNATURE SERIES", ONE OF A KIND, ONE IN A SERIES, Custom models, individually hand built replicas of historic prototypes. Models capture general  proportions, mass, graceful lines and character of the prototypes. Close to museum quality but not exact, in order to keep cost within reach of the average modeler. Purchase includes,

  • Model
  • Letter of Authenticity with description, Model & Serial # and signature
  • Decorative plate with description, model & serial #
  • DVD with photos on model at various stages of completion
  • Brochure with general history and details regarding the specific model
 2) KIT FORM.  On occassion, offering unassembled models, based on a number of requests and inquiries. Kits will include the stonework sections required to complete the specific design. Instructions will be provided. Modeler will be required to build the wood frame work and will require basic tools, time and talent for assembly and decoration. KITS, are not recommended for children under the age of Adult. 

3) "SPECIAL REQUESTS".  We are continually evaluating our product line and are receptive to new ideas. We seriously consider requests for items that will extend our product line. Let us know what you want. A photo of a prototype, specifics regarding your space requirements are helpful.    

4) "CUSTOM ORDERS".  We are receptive to taking on a challenge! Again, a photo of a prototype, specifics regarding your space requirements are helpful.   

5) "Web Hobby Shop", Focus on other manutacturers products including locomotivies, rolling stock and assorted goodies, some new and some nearly new, as noted. 

Select Webstore tab to access, review and order products using the shopping cart.   

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