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ACL/RF&P, James River Bridge
Baltimore & Ohio RR, Thomas Viaduct
B & O Harper Ferry, WVA
Baltimore & Ohio RR, Cacapon Viaduct
B & O, Sandpatch, SA Interlocking tower & Tunnel Portals
Baltimore & Ohio RR, Bloomington Viaduct
Baltimore & Ohio RR, Indian Creek Viaduct
Baltimore & Ohio RR, Carrollton Viaduct
A Tale of Two Bridges
Pennsylvania RR, BIG VIADUCT
Pennsylvania RR, Juniata River Viaduct
PRR, BRIDGE 219, Former Bridge #5
PRR, Mt Union Viaduct, circa 1906'
Pennsylvania RR - Port Royal viaduct
Pennsylvania RR, Shocks Mills Bridge
Pennsylvania RR, Rockville Bridge
Pennsylvania RR, Downingtown Viaduct
Pennsylvania RR, Coatesville Bridge
PRR Sherman's Creek VIADUCT 1901' NEW ITEM
Pennsylvania RR, Union Furnace Viaduct
Pennsylvania RR, Loyalhanna Viaduct
PRR, The Old Stone Bridge
Reading Lines, Falls Bridge
Reading& Northern RR, Peacocks Lock Viaduct
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B & O Tray Run Viaduct , Circa 1907
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Our Architectural models are hand-crafted, replicas of specific prototypes.  The designs are close to prototype but not eaxct, in order to keep cost within reason. Focus, on unique attributes of the prototype, capturing the mass, graceful lines and individual character of these Icons of the Golden Age of Rail transportation in North America. 

Through our product offering we hope commemorate the accomplishments of the dedicated individuals who built America! Creative civil engineers, European stone masons, artisans brought to America for this work and hundreds of laborors forming construction crews. 

Building a railroad right of way through the wilderness was a daunting task. Large  projects, such as bridges and tunnels required months and in some cases year to complete. Many of these projects required movement of thousands of cubic yards of fill. In the case of bridges, many completed structures consisted of over one hundred Thousand (100,000) tons of stone! These teams succeeded using construction techniques that would be considered primitive by current standards.  

 Prototypes: During the 1800s and 1900s standardization was the exception not the rule! Be it viaducts or other structures, based on my research, no two prototypes were identical to the other. Each design was created and built to fit a pecific location taking the terrian and availability of local materials into consideration. 

Whenever possible, stone was quarried close to the site of construction. This added to individual character of the prototype with varying types of stone, colors and cut of stone quarried. My models unique casting methods and decoration processes, reflect these characteristics. 

We make every effort to capture the character of these prototypes. Rough cut stonework, inspiring beauty that draws from a variety of influences, including Old World, historical references, and natural elements. In most cast the height and width are to scale. Many of these prototype bridges are over one thousand (1,000) feet long. The overall length of model may be compressed, as required, for shipping & Handling purposes or the model can be shipped in sections.     

Note, a nice addition to you layout or diorama would be an abandoned stone quarry close proximity to your model.   

I have been fortunate visiting many historic railway landmarks.  I have been impressed how these structures dominate a scene. This is important for model railroading since most of us do not have space for sprawling scenes, rather, we need focal points of interest.  Desiring “focal points” for my previous layout motivated me to build my first bridge.  “Necessity is the Mother of invention”.  

Questions?? Contact us at stpcanfield@aol.com  


Our Goals
  • Offer a unique line "one of a kind/one in a series" products 
  • Commemorate the Golden Age of rail transportation
  • Provide a "focal point" of interest for display or incoporation into your layout  
  • Promote the hobby of model railroading!

PRR J Series overtaking HH-1 Union Furnace viaduct

Our products are designed, made & assembled
in the United States of America