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The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR, Cantilever Bridge over the Ohio River at Beaver, PA, circa 1910'


New Product offering in N, HO, S & O Gauge Models


P&LE, The Beaver Bridge, Crica 1910'
Work is progressing on a model of this historic and note worthy cantilever design and the smaller approach bridge. The P&LE, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR. selected this design to replace a through pin connected single track structure, with two gauntlet tracks, that served as the primary Ohio River crossing for over years.

The historic and noteworthy P&LE RR bridge spanning the Ohio river is an engineering marvel! As of 2013, it has provided 103 years of revenue service and continues to solider on without any fan fare.  It is an example of necessity, engineering expertise and a management with a vision for the future. This beautiful cantilever design, refer photos, replaced a pin connected single track structure hosting a single deck supporting two (2) gauntlet tracks, with a span of 450 feet and an approach viaduct of 1,172 feet in length. The limited navigation clearance was restrictive for river traffic and the bridge was not capable of supporting the loads, train weight, and projected increase in traffic for this busy mainline. The piers were not capable of supporting a double track bridge structure. Therefore, it was decided to abandon this site completely and relocate the new bridge 300 feet up stream.     
The new bridge, was to be of a continuous cantilever design of 1, 787 feet, for the main span, consisting of two anchor arm spans of 320 feet each, sandwiching a 285 foot suspended center span providing 769 foot main navigation channel providing 90 foot clearance above low water level. Flood water depths have been recorded at 46 feet above low water level. In addition one approach span, of 370 feet in length, satisfied the project requirements. The interesting cantilever design was selected as it is capable of carrying very heavy locomotives and train loadings, equalled by few if any bridge designs.
The super structure contains 16,000 tons of steel with a total cost of $1,300,000.00 erected plus $700,000.00 for the approaches. This was a significant investment in 1910'! The concrete sub structure consists of three (3) piers, with their foundations carrier to rock by cofferdams, dredging and pneumatic caisson. In addition two (2) shore abutments with dry foundations were required at approach ends.  The P&LE bridge at Beaver, PA, is truly a engineering marvel and Icon of the Iron road!        

Replica Bridge, a close replica, but, not exact in every regard due to size and complexity, will capture the character and mass of the prototype, will be offered in sections, enabling a modeler to

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