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Oldest Railroad Viaduct in the United States
One hundred Seventy Eight (178) years of Service


HISTORIC - Carrollton Viaduct, bulit 1829'
Carrollton Viaduct
Carrollton Viaduct
CarriesTwo tracks
CrossesGwynn's Falls
LocaleBaltimore, MD
OwnerCSX Corporation
DesignRoman Arch Bridge
Longest span80 feet (24 m)
Total length312 feet (95 m)
Clearance below51 feet, 9 inches (15.8 m)
Opening date1829

The Carrollton Viaduct, located over Gwynn's Falls near Carroll Park in Baltimore, MD is the first stone masonry bridge built for railroad use in the United States. Today it is the world's oldest railway bridge still in use,  Viaduct, named after Charles Carroll of Carrollton, MD,  Mr. Carroll, the last living signer of the Delcaration of Independence, laid the cornerstone on  July 4, 1828. As he laid the first stone he said: "I consider this among the most important acts of my life, second only to my signing the Declaration of Independence."

The Baltiomre & Ohio Railroad contracted Caspar Weaver and James Lloyd to construct the structure. The bridge diemnsions,
Length: 312 feet (95 m) 
Height: 65 feet (20m) from its foundations 
Height to Railhead: 51 feet, 9 inches (15.8 m) above Gwynn's Falls.
Design:  Single Full-centered arch with a clear span length of 80 feet (24 m) over the stream, 
Width: Space for two railroad tracks on its deck. 
underpass for a wagon road, an arched passageway, 16 feet (5 m) in width, was built through one of the masonry-walled approaches.
The heavy granite blocks which form the arches and exterior walls were procured from Ellicott's Mills and Port Deposit. 
A white cornerstone at one end of the bridge bears the inscription "James Lloyd of Maryland, Builder A.D. 1829."

Andrew Jackson, the first President of the United States to ride on a railroad train, crossed the bridge on a trip between Ellicotts Mills and Baltimore on  June 6, 1833.



ENDURING! The Carrollton Viaduct has provided  One hundred Seventy Eight (178) years continuous service to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Chessie System and current owner CSX Corporation.   

The viaduct
was designated a National Historic Landmark, November 11, 1971, listed on the National Regiter of Historic Places and
Designated a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the ASCE, 1982.

Baltimore is a great city for Railroads and Rail Fanning!  
If, your travel takes you to the area there are many Historic sites that you MUST SEE, including
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Musem, Carrollton Viaduct, Thomas Viaduct are all located within thirteen mile radius of the Center City.  

There is plenty of railroad activity. The yards, port area and the NE corridor are all in close proximity  
In addition, AMTRAK, CSX and MARC lines radiate in all directions. Some areas are more secure than others so you should be aware of your surroundings.

The Carrollton Viaduct, is located in Carollton Park and is easily accssable, via a paved bike path fooling the stream and a foot bridge. The Park has plenty of parking and appears to be a secure area although Ho-Bo's have set up a small camp under the I-95 overpass on the far side of the stream. 

The Viaduct is tucked between an industrial park, scrap metal yard and Carrollton golf Cuorse.  A visit to the Viaduct does require some walking. The Park is adjacent to the I-95 ramp for convienent access.